The original RSC® Brace: Effective scoliosis treatment

Individual standard for patients with idiopathic scoliosis

      Patented Ortholutions Scoliosis Treatment System. The Rigo-System-Cheneau brace

      The RSC® Brace by Ortholutions is individually manufactured for every scoliosis patient. It is a further development of the proven Cheneau principles. It is utilized to complement scoliosis physiotherapy according to the Schroth method or the Barcelona Scoliosis Rehabilitation School (BSRS). It guarantees maximum treatment safety for patients with idiopathic scoliosis.


      The RSC® Brace takes standardized biomechanical designs for spinal orthoses for treatment of scoliosis on the next level. The curvature-specific modules are based on the original Chêneau principles but have been further developed by Dr Rigo in a biomechanical sense on the basis of physiotherapeutic knowledge.

      Our model database is growing continually through evaluation of the latest international scientific research results of conservative scoliosis treatment.



      Every RSC®  Brace is individually manufactured. The process always starts with an individual diagnosis, upon which scoliosis expert Dr Rigo bases his determination of the brace model for the patient.


      The RSC®  Brace by Ortholutions is exclusively delivered to specially trained and licensed treatment teams or companies consisting of a physician, a physiotherapist as well as an orthopaedics technician/CPO.

      5 steps: The process of manufacturing the RSC ®  Brace



      1. Static and dynamic measurements on site (on patient)
      2. Feeding the data into the database
      3. Classification of pattern and selection of the brace model (by Dr Rigo)
      4. Manufacturing of the RSC®  Brace
      5. Fitting and delivering of the RSC®  Brace


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