The RSC®  Scoliosis Brace and the Scoliosis Network

Development of the Rigo System Cheneau Brace & the Scoliosis Network

      Interview with Dino Gallo (Ortholutions) about the development of the RSC (Rigo System Cheneau) Scoliosis Brace and the collaboration in the Scoliosis Network.


      Michael Pöpping met Dino Gallo, Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist CPO (D) in Leipzig, at OTWorld 2014 and spoke with him about the RSC® brace scoliosis treatment system

      The RSC® Brace scoliosis system was developed by your company Ortholutions. How came it to be?


      The RSC® brace has its roots in the work of Dr Manuel Rigo from Barcelona. He searched for a standardized scoliosis therapy using trunk orthotics. This approach impressed us from the beginning. Our target was a holistic concept that offers security of support. We wanted to get there using individual standardization. Ortholutions has since developed a patented technical system which implemented these demands.

      Which role did the Scoliosis Network play in this?


      Ortholutions, with its database as a communications platform, is the central hub of the network. This network consists of all kinds of international teams that are generally made up of certified prosthetics/orthotists (CPO), physiotherapists (PT / Schroth-Therapists) and Medical Doctors (MD).

      Our partners – so called RSC® brace Scoliosis Expert Centers meet at events such as the International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities SOSORT, International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposiums, Scoliosis Patient Meetings and at Ortholutions and Dr Rigo Seminars and Presentations of the Original RSC® Rigo-System-Cheneau-Brace, Scoliosis Self-Help Group Meetings and share their research findings and provide answers to questions.

      Dino Gallo demonstrates the structure of the Scoliosis Network in which Ortholutions assembles the knowhow of international scoliosis experts.

      With his RSC®  Brace every scoliosis patient receives also a certificate from Ortholutions confirming the origin and classification and brace model determination by Dr. Rigo.

      How close have you been collaborating with Dr Rigo?


      We got to know Dr Rigo in 1995. We discussed how a concept for secure scoliosis support could look like. Based on the results of our cooperation Ortholutions developed a technical system comprising a database and patented production methods. That was in 2001.

      Why do you need classification from Dr Rigo himself?

      Classification and pattern determination by Dr Manuel Rigo is recommended for maximum security in the treatment of scoliosis patients. Only the Ortholutions RSC® brace system offers this in this form. Such a system is a clear testimony to quality and security of support. Naturally this is also communicated to patients and partners.

      A RSC®  Brace is manufactured according to Ortholutions’ patented methods.

      Is there a way in which I can prove the patented manufacture and classification to the patient?

      Every RSC® Brace is stamped with a seal and comes with a certificate confirming the process of individualized fabrication.

      Can you describe the exact process of the fabrication of a brace?

      The first step is made by the technicians who take measurements on site. With these a corresponding record of the data is created in the database. On this basis Dr Rigo makes the classification and determines the pattern of each patient. The next steps are shipping and trying on, as well as documentation of the fitting and FU follow-up, check-up.

      In which ways is your CAD method different from other manufacturing methods?


      You can distinguish between three types of manufacture: The first is hand making, production using a plaster cast and modelling by hand. The result is a positive model according to personal interpretation of the correction mechanisms.

      Secondly, there is the conventional CAD system for digital recording of the data and modelling. And finally, there are specialized CAD systems such as the Ortholutions CAD System with data entry, expertise, scoliosis classification and model selection.

      Our system allows for individual model adaptation while maintaining the curvature-specific biomechanical design of the original template. With this method one obtains an individual positive model with a standardized curvature-pattern-specific design.


      Are there prerequisites for the scoliosis intensive course?


      Yes, there are. Of course, general technical experience in handling TLSO braces is useful (relating to adaptations). But most important: You should be able to participate with a team of a PT, physician MD and CPO.

      Is communication possible with your specialist team or Dr Rigo personally?

      Communication or writing to the database is possible via our so called patient database.

      The interviewer

      Michael Pöpping is a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist CPO (D), owner of the medical supply store Orthotop in Zurich, and holds a diploma from the International Academy of Orthopaedic Technology BUFA in Dortmund, Germany.



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