The RSC® Scoliosis Brace

      RSC®  – Rigo – System Cheneau Scoliosis Bracing U.S.A

      Learn more about the unique & only Original RSC® brace and what the important differences are to other Rigo-Chêneau Type Scoliosis Braces. About the Original RSC® brace and what great advantages it will bring for your child. How you and your child will benefit from the unique international scoliosis network. About the results that have been achieved treating idiopathic scoliosis with the RSC® Rigo System Cheneau Brace. About the importance of the specific Physiotherapy Exercises Schroth-Therapy BSPTS Therapy & Scoliosis Bracing with the Rigo-System-Cheneau Brace. Learn why the Original RSC® Brace means treating AIS according to the STATE-OF-THE-ART. See case presentation of patients who have had RSC® braces.


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