Dr. Mina Jelačić

Medical Doctor & Schroth-Therapist

Medical director of the Scoliorehab Scoliosis Center, Novi Sad

Scoliorehab Scoliosis Center

Dr. Mina Jelačić MD

Vršačka 24
21000 Novi Sad

Phone: +381 (0) 62 23 24 61


Biographical notes


Mina Jelačić was born on 21.10.1983 in Novi Sad.

Graduated at The University of Novi Sad, Medical Faculty (2009) with an average grade of 9,26.

From September 2010 to July 2011 she had an educational practice at the Institute Elena Salva, where she assisted Dr. Manuel Rigo during examination of the patients with spinal deformities.

She has been educated to do complete clinical and radiological evaluation of the patient’s and she was involved in decision making discussions related to the choice of therapy and patient’s follow up. Also, she has been trained to apply specific exercises according to The Barcelona-Schroth School Schroth-Therapy and she learned theoretical and practical basis of the orthopedic treatment based on the principals of Dr. Jaques Chêneau.


  • 2006: Medical faculty award as one of the best students of the IV year – two weeks surgery practice in Moscow
  • 2009: The University of Novi Sad scientific research award for the paper “Sport heart characteristics”

Educations – Trainings – Seminars – Conferences on Scoliosis

  • 2008: Oral presentation of the paper “Sport’s heart characteristics” at the 49th congress of Serbian students of biomedical sciences
  • 2010: Oral presentation of the paper “Schroth method effects – kynesitherapy modes in the treatment of structural idiopathic scoliosis” at the 10th Congress of physiatrists of Serbia with international attendance
  • 2011: Oral presentation of the paper “Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School – BSPTS – based on classical Schroth principles: short term effects on back asymmetry in idiopathic scoliosis” at the 8th SOSORT congress in Barcelona (Spain) with the international attendance. She also became a member of the SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment).
  • Dr. Jelacic is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr. Mina Jelačić – Schroth-Therapy and IS patient evaluation presentation at OTWorld Congress, Leipzig, Germany 2014 


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