Scoliosis Education
Informations about the Rigo System Cheneau, short the RSC® Brace

Developing scoliosis braces

The RSC® Brace as improvement of the Chêneau brace. » learn more

The RSC® Scoliosis Brace and the Scoliosis Network

Development of the Rigo System Cheneau Brace & the Scoliosis Network. » learn more

The RSC® Brace Seminar with Dr. Rigo

Next possible certification for Professionals. Get trained and become a RSC® brace Scoliosis Expert Center. » learn more

The Chêneau brace after Rigo - Theoretical 2 day Scoliosis Seminar with Dr. Mina Jelačić MD

Dr. Mina Jelačić MD will first show the biomechanical aspects and pathomechanism of the idiopathic scoliosis and the three-dimensional correction principles of the Rigo-Chêneau brace. » learn more


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