Holistic scoliosis treatment

Treating people instead of symptoms

      The RSC® Brace – The scoliosis treatment system


      The RSC® Brace is not just a scoliosis brace, but a holistic scoliosis treatment protocol in accordance with international regulations.

      Scoliosis patients meet experts

      At scoliosis patient meetings patients can meet with experts for check-ups and to exchange experiences.

      Certified quality

      The original RSC® Brace is only genuine if it is delivered with a seal, certificate and your name on it. This ensures quality and safety.

      Special features of the RSC® Brace by Ortholutions


      The RSC® Brace for scoliosis therapy is manufactured without a plaster cast. Every patient receives an individually produced RSC® Brace that is made according to the unique and patented Ortholutions process.

      It is manufactured specifically for the patient’s curvature that is determined personally by scoliosis expert Dr Rigo via the database. Many scoliosis patients have benefitted for years from this established system.

      Scoliosis patients receive their brace directly from Ortholutions or exclusively from specially trained experts in competence centers. Would you like to find a scoliosis specialist close to you?


      Individual and not off the rack


      An optimal fit of the brace can only be achieved if it is made to measure. That is why each RSC® Brace is manufactured individually. A better fit means more comfort. Thus the patients are more willing to embrace the treatment (compliance).

      The excellent fit of the spinal orthosis is an essential element of Ortholutions’ concept of scoliosis treatment.


      Proven scoliosis physiotherapy methods integrated

      All RSC® Brace models are originally modelled by scoliosis expert Dr Rigo personally. The biomechanical mechanisms of proven scoliosis physiotherapy according to Katharina Schroth and the Barcelona Scoliosis Rehabilitation School (BSRS) according to Rigo guarantee the fully developed basic modules which the system provides.


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