The benefits of Ortholutions unique scoliosis network

Why more and more scoliosis teams cooperate with Ortholutions

      Unique network of international scoliosis experts

      • As an RSC® scoliosis expert center you belong to an international group of scoliosis experts. You are in direct contact with Dr Rigo via the unique Ortholutions patient database. You always get an original Rigo brace that is faithfully reproduced for your patients on a standardized and individualized basis.
      • The quality of the brace is guaranteed through the patented Ortholutions production method. With every original RSC® Brace comes a certificate of authenticity.

      Unique security of supply in scoliosis therapy

      • The networks makes direct communication with experts during every provision of a scoliosis brace possible.
      • You are in direct contact with scoliosis experts Dr Rigo and Dr Mina Jelačić.
      • Your patient receives with his brace a diagnosis/pattern classification and brace determination from Dr Rigo personally.

      You have time to concentrate on the essentials

      • You can concentrate on working with patients and on technical aspects. It is a pleasure to work with the unique orthoses system because you have more time for the essentials.
      • You get to know more scoliosis experts and improve your expert knowledge via the international network.
      • You have room and inspiration for development.


      • No plaster casts has to be done, no additional software is needed!
      • RSC® Brace scoliosis orthoses are delivered ready for fitting.
      • You learn with each patient you fitted. You can increase your number of patients and gain more and more experience and Know-how.



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