How to determine the authenticity of a RSC®  Brace

The RSC®  Brace as improvement of the Cheneau brace

      A genuine RSC®  Brace always has a seal


      Ortholutions manufactures the RSC® Brace in a patented process.

      This means that genuine RSC (Rigo System Chenêau) Braces are only available from Ortholutions or from a certified RSC® brace scoliosis Expert Center firm.

      When you receive your brace, simply check whether the seal is clearly visible.

      Each RSC® Brace comes with certificate of authenticity


      The certificate bears your name and guarantees that the Ortholutions RSC® brace has been produced for you in our patented process.

      It ensures that RSC® braces are only provided by trained and certified firms and guarantees the determination of your scoliotic curvature and the selection of a brace model by the expert Dr Rigo, Instituto Elena Salvá Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center, Barcelona (Spain).


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