Dr. Manuel Rigo M.D. Phd

Medical Doctor

Medical director of the Institut Elena Salvá.
Professor at the Physiotherapy school Gimbernat (UAB)


Instituto Elena Salvá Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center

Manuel D Rigo MD. PhD
Via Augusta 185, Entlo
08021 Barcelona

Biographical notes

  • Medical doctor, 1981 (UAB)
  • First specialty in Allergy and clinical immunology, 1985 (BCN)
  • Further specialty in scoliosis rehabilitation and orthopaedic treatment (Institute E. Salvá, BCN; KSK, Germany).
  • Teaching Schroth method since 1989 (National and International courses).
  • Professor at the physiotherapy school Gimbernat (UAB) since 1990.
  • PhD in 2000 ‘Department of Radiology and Physical Medicine Universidad de Córdoba’.
  • Invited Professor, Bundesfachschule für Orthopädie-Technik Dortmund – BUFA, Germany since 2002, teaching Chêneau principles.
  • Founder of the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School 2009
  • Chair of the SIRER congress in Barcelona, 1996 (President of Honour: A Nachemson); the International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities in Barcelona, 2004; 2011 SOSORT meeting in Barcelona.
  • First President of the SOSORT 2006-8
    Co-Chair of the Educational Committee SOSORT


25 Medline published papers, 3 book chapters, 2 books

Most important Medline papers

Educations – Trainings – Seminars – Conferences on Scoliosis

  • Since 1989 BSPTS Schroth-Therapy Instructor (National and International Courses)
  • Since 2002 Invited Professor at the BUFA Bundesfachschule für Orthopädie-Technik in Dortmund, Germany – teaching Chêneau principles
  • Since 2003 1-2 times a year Lecturer of the instructional RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar – together with Ortholutions, in Germany
  • Conductor of Scoliosis Patients Meetings at international RSC® Brace Excellence Centers
  • Attendee at all Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) Meetings since 2004

History of the Instituto Elena Salvá


More than 30 years ago, physical therapist Elena Salva founded the first Schroth clinic in Barcelona, Spain: Instituto E. Salva Rehabilitation. Elena Salva had worked and trained with Christa Lehnert-Schroth and was motivated to start the Schroth method in her home country.

Here, treatment is done on an outpatient basis, with patients being trained on both a 1:1 basis and in groups. Today, the Instituto Elena Salvá is operated by Dr. Gloria E Salva, daughter of Elena, and her husband, Dr. Manuel Rigo, medical director.

The decades of the family missions of Schroth in Germany and the Instituto Elena Salva in Spain, and are inspiring testimony to the importance of their work.

The French physician, Dr. Jaques Chêneau, initially established the rules of correction and created the Chêneau brace for scoliosis. Dr. Manuel Rigo worked in collaboration with Chêneau to further develop a correction model using more biomechanical principles, ultimately developing the RSC® Rigo-System Chêneau scoliosis brace together with Ortholutions.

Dr. Manuel Rigo M.D. Phd and Dr. Mina Jelačić perform the modelling process for a RSC®  Brace during a RSC®  intensiveseminar with Ortholutions.


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